Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Shower

So this past weekend, we had a welcome party / baby shower for Andrew. I was leery about throwing a party for Andrew. Not that we don't love parties, but the concept of throwing a party just to get more stuff for our baby leaves me a bit uncomfortable. I mean, we have all of the essentials to raise Andrew. Sure we're missing some equipment which we'll need in the near future such as a crib. But that can wait for a month or so. We don't even have a "nursery" set up yet, and I'm in no hurry. I'm thinking , does Andrew care if his room is not painted a cute "baby boy" color or decorated with baby stuff?! Of course not!  The room adjacent to our bedroom will be Andrew's room at the moment. Its the guest room which I call the "red" room because the walls are painted a deep deep red, a historic color but not a color you would think for a nursery.  
Anyways, I originally wanted to have just a small shower mostly inviting co-workers  past and present. Eventually the party swelled in attendance, J started telling people in the neighborhood about our adoption and he ended up inviting several people. The party attendance was more than I expected but I was prepared. When we have parties or dinners at our house, I tend to cook more than I should. The thought of running out of food terrifies me! Plus I love the concept of leftovers. I usually prepare a particular dish forget about it , then never even end up serving it at the party. In the case of the baby shower, my 
Hors d'œuvre meatballs never made it to the party table. Oh well.

Anyways, the gifts from friends, co-workers and neighbors were overwhelming. Very thoughtful , imaginative. Its already been a couple days since the party and I've yet to open up half of the gifts

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