Saturday, December 25, 2010

After the Home Study....

To be honest ..I haven't caught up on " real time" adoption updates...I'm trying to fill in the blanks on the adoption process, so I can look back and reflect on this tumultuous journey.

So ..going back again.... After completing the home study, we had to make up a photo album, an adoption portfolio about us as a couple. There are websites geared to this , sort of like scrapbooking on the internet. There's Picaboo, Shutterfly, and even companies that will design an adoption portfolio .

I choose Picaboo, the program was very user friendly and I took to the task like a person obsessed. I spent two weeks obsessing about every picture, caption, design element, wondering if I was marketing it for the perspective birthparent ,or was I just designing it for my personal tastes?

So after doing the initial design of the photo album, I had "J" critique and add it his two cents. Let's just say it got tense and argumentative. I spent two weeks on this album and "J" just tore it up with his 'red marker". I was expecting it. "J" is a lawyer and that what he does for a living, analyzing , critiquing everything.

Anyways, another week of back and forth editing ..and it was completed!

Now..for the letter to the birthparent. We each had to write one personally...essentially spilling out our hearts and lives in a 400 word letter to some birthparent out there. It took me a whole week to complete mine. It took "J" just one day and his letter was awesome! I remember reading his draft at work..and I began to get very emotional about everything. Anyways, I held it together, because at work..most don't know about my adoption plan. I told my immediate boss but for the most part , I didn't tell anyone because this process could happen immediately or we could be waiting for years! However, I slowly started to spill the beans ......

Timeline- completion of Adoption Photo album, letters to birthparents.

-Our social worker approves both, print them it's onto the waiting game!!

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