Friday, December 31, 2010

Trip to Georgia

Dec 29th-

We head to Logan Airport for a flight from Boston to Jacksonville, Fl. The baby boy was born on Monday Dec 27th, sometime in the evening in Hinesville, Ga. This is a small town about an hour away from Savannah, Ga.

The plan was for the BirthMom to be discharged from the hospital the night before ,and the baby boy was to be discharged with a Georgia adoption counselor. The counselor took the baby back to her home in Savannah until we could pick him up.

So we arrived at Logan Airport at the Jet Blue terminal to complete CHAOS. The line to check in was literally a half a mile long. Everyone in the terminal was sweating, stressed, and even a few people needed medical help for dizziness. Not a good time.

Actually, after waiting in line for a hour and half, we reach the ticket counter. We checked an infant car seat and the lady asked us "so where's the baby?! " We tell her we're picking him up in Georgia. Then she yells out loud " Oh my goodness, that's the best news I've heard all day, you guys are picking up a baby!" Everyone around us hears this..and burst in applause! Nice.

Fortunately, our plane was only an hour late and off we went to Jacksonville, Fl. We flew to Jacksonville because it had a direct flight from Boston and its only a two hour drive to Savannah. We actually vacationed in Savannah a few years ago and we were somewhat familiar with the city. As an aside, Savannah is a lovely Southern city, I highly recommend it , good food , very friendly people,and beautiful city squares.

So after we land in Jacksonville, our pediatrician in Boston calls us to let us know she has all of the medical records regarding the baby and it describes a healthy , vigorous baby, with no complications. Thanks goodness!!

All systems go!

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