Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the Wait ..then the Calls!

"The wait"..in adoption language, is the time period after the home study when the portfolios or albums and the birthletters are submitted. You wait for the approval from the agency or in our case, the social worker. Then your profile becomes "live"..some adoptive parents call it "paper pregnant". I really don't care for that term.

The wait could be very short or it could stretch out to years. The wait is determined whenever you are matched with a birthparent or when a birthparent picks your profile. The waiting period is likethe calm before the storm. You literally don't hear anything during the wait. You can call your social worker but you don't want to appear needy.

So when we entered the waiting period, I knew I had to tell my boss at work. My boss and other supervisors were very supportive and I could see the excitement in their faces. That's one of things I like about my work. Its a small practice, and generally it's very supportive of life events, illnesses, family matters, etc.

During this wait..I started trolling through adoption blogs ..specifically blogs from parents who are waiting. I read the success stories , the long waits and awful bogus sham matches. That's domestic adoption. The timeline is up in the air.

So after waiting for approximately one month. We received a series of three calls or situations from our social worker.....

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