Saturday, January 15, 2011



This past Sunday , we left Savannah and drove to the big city of Georgia...Atlanta! I've never spent much time in this city, only passing thru via the city's humongous airport.

We drove here because what else are we going to do in Georgia for 1-2 weeks?! Last Friday, our social worker called us to let us know that the Andrew's birthmother signed a legal document terminating her parental rights. Apparently , the lawyer then has to travel to Atlanta to file it in court. We are also waiting for inter-state compact documents to be filed so we can return back to Massachusetts. This process could take another week or so.

So we're stuck in Georgia, holed up in a Marriott Residence Inn with our newborn. It's kind of instant vacation ; in this case, we have a newborn and we're trying to figure him and ourselves out. Since we're in a new city, we are trying to get out and about doing stuff that we enjoy but with a newborn. We love to shop at now I'm carrying a newborn in a baby carrier. We love history, we're sightseeing with a newborn.

People are amazed how small Andrew is or how young he is; he's one week old already. I'm looking at the expressions at their faces..wondering if they think we're crazy to take a newborn outside already. But our book...Baby 411 said it was take a newborn end of story.
So I'm sleep deprived, no surprise. I'm kind of a night owl myself. It's a bad habit of staying up late then trying to catch up throughout the week. However, with a newborn, this may not work out so well. Andrew is sleeping about 3-4 hours between feedings, changings.

Andrew had his first follow up pediatrician visit today. The doctor said feed him every 3hours. His advice regarding feedings was a little different than our resource books. We were a bit confused. Every 3 hours? what about feeding on demand? THis doctor was for scheduled feedings rather on demand.

Thats the problem with first time parenting. You're bombarded with advice from friends, family, doctors..all a little different with their own spin. Add some sleep deprivation ...then you're confused. For example, on facebook, I posted a comment that I was sleep deprived. A friend commented that I should try a teaspoon of rice cereal in the formula. Apparently it helps a baby sleep most of the night! My friend has two kids and it worked for both of them when they were infants.Another friend rebutted this suggestion. She said it was too many calories and this should only be used for infants with reflux. I'm tempted to follow this but I just don't want to mess up my baby boy's still developing GI system. I'm just gonna have to suck it up!
The bottom line is that Andrew added 10 ounces since birth. J is so proud of his son's "big appetite"!

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