Monday, January 17, 2011


Yahooo!!He's sleeping finally..and he's not on me!

I have to admit, Andrew's sleeping habits are slowly turning for the better. During those first couple of nights, he was sleeping only for 2-3 hours, then we would change him, then feed him. I tried to swaddle him, but maybe I was sleep deprived but my swaddle was easily breakable. Since we've been in Boston, I've been researching swaddling techniques ( on youtube!) and now getting the hang of it.

So the with a tight swaddle, Andrew is now giving me 4-5 hours of sleep. Then he wakes up , breaks out of the swaddle. I try to swaddle him back ,but now he knows better. He easily breaks through the second round of swaddling. Then he's either on my chest or J 's chest until sunrise.

During the day, Andrew pretty much won't fall asleep in his bassinet . He usually prefers to be held. Since I get anything accomplished with a infant on my hand. I strap him up in a baby carrier. Back pains.

We're having a cold snap now. The high today was only in the 20's. I usually walk my dog in the early evening before giving him his dinner. With Andrew in our lives now, I now have to take him with me during the walks. Despite the cold weather, Andrew is plenty warm. I double his layers and along with my body heat, he usually sleeps soundly when I bring him outside.

They say you're suppose to sleep when the baby is asleep..but who does that? There are too many things to do around the house...sigh.

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