Sunday, January 2, 2011

Introducing Our Beautiful Baby Boy!

So we end up driving to Savannah, Georgia. We call the adoptions counselor who picked up our baby about our pending arrival in Savannah. She tells us that she's has friends coming over to her house , so she arranges to drive over to our hotel to drop off our baby.

Ten minutes after checking in at our hotel in Savannah, the counselor calls us to let us know that she is a few blocks away! We immediately run down outside of the lobby to meet her. The valet workers wonder what the commotion is all about. One worker asked me "So where's your wife?" I resonded that this baby has two daddies!

The counselor calls me to tell me that she's lost! While on the phone, I guide her to our hotel. She pulls up the curb and I see our baby in the back seat; he's hidden in the blanket.

She steps out her car, goes into her back seat and hands over our baby boy swaddled in a blanket. J takes him into his arms, then I take him. We shower the counselor with gratitude for taking care of him. We're both so elated at this moment. We're both so happy that he's healthy and finally we have him in our arms.

She hands over bags of clothing that the nurses gave our baby in the hospital. THe nurses noticed that no one was visiting him in the hospital ,so they showered our baby with clothing, hugs and extra diapers. The counselor said that nurses had such a hard time saying goodbye. Nurses rock!

When we stepped into the hotel lobby, we realized our baby (or infants in general) are female magnets! All of the ladies wanted him to hold him! J was firm about no one touching our baby during cold / flu season. J kept telling everyone to back off! It was quite funny.

We bring him to our room and proceeded to give our son, Andrew Anthony, his first feeding with his brand new fathers! We're so blessed!

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Kevin Quinn said...

Wow- Dads look great and so does Andrew Anthony. Enjoy the great outdoors of Atlanta- maybe Stone Mountain? Congrats again! What was the reaction of the hotel workers when you said Andrew had two daddies?

Love to you all,