Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back Home

Actually the last post regarding our stay in Atlanta referred to the time period of Jan 2nd to the 7th.

On Jan. 6th, a Thursday, J and I were shopping with Andrew and we got the call from our agency in Massachusetts to let us know that they're letting us go back home to Boston! We were so thrilled because we thought were gonna have to stay in Atlanta over the weekend.

Nothing against Atlanta, but we were anxious to come back home and re-start our lives with baby Andrew. Atlanta was a nice place to visit, the winters are definitely more tolerable than Boston's , but the city reminded me of Southern California but the topography is flat. Everyone drives everywhere!

The flight was pretty smooth, except for a "Code Brown" mishap in the plane's lavatory. Andrew was sleeping during most of the flight but I took him to the bathroom to check on him. Initially he was dry, then the "stuff" started pouring out of him, soiling his onesie and the changing table. To make matters worse, I noticed I didn't pack extra clothes. Somehow I was able to clean him the best I could, and returned to my seat for the landing back to Boston. Fortunately newborn poop just doesn't smell as bad , thank goodness.

So we've been back to Boston for about a week now. Slowly trying to figure out a routine in taking care of Andrew. I have dear friends who've been eager for my arrival with Andrew. Donated baby clothes, baby advice, babysitting offers, all of it has been a huge help.

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